VA EQUIPMENT CORPORATION is also engaged in the supply of standard equipment/instruments/products:

-Standard Air conditioners, Heating & Ventilating Equipment, Air diffusers, grilles, registers, louvers, air extractors, volume dampers, fire dampers, mechanical and plumbing specialty products and equipment. 
-High Voltage Holiday Detectors, Wet Sponge Holiday Detectors, Short Locators, Current Interrupters, insulation Testers, Cathodic Protection Voltmeters, Half-Cell Electrodes, Permanent Reference Electrodes, CP Test Stations & Accessories, Probes and Accessories, Data Loggers, Soil Resistivity Meter for the Corrosion Mitigation Instrumentation. 
-Pipe & Cable Locators, Fluid Leak Detecctors, Induction Clamps & Probes, Valve Box Locators.  
If you require a product from a manufacturer which is not included on our PRODUCTION LIST, please Contact us. New vendor relations and products are established on a regular basis.

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