Explosion Proof Wall Mount Air Conditioners
For NEC Code Class 1, Division 1 or 2, Groups B, C & D
Hazardous Locations Classifications
50 & 60 hz.

Features Include

Spark-proof construction
Mounts on outside to preserve interior wall space
Can be connected to a duct system
Galvanized zinc coated steel cabinet on 1 to 25 Ton Units
Fully sealed and insulated evaporator section
Twin blowers
Scroll compressor on various units
Reciprocating compressors on various units
Return air filter grille
Supply air grille

Capacity 1 to 25 ton units

1" thick disposable air filters
Instrinsically safe control circuit for thermostat
Mounting hardwares


Stainless steel cabinet
Electric heat (Division 2 or general purpose)
Steam heating coil
Explosion proof thermostat
Explosion proof humidistat
Special corrosion resistant coating
Retun air damper

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