VA EQUIPMENT CORPORATION   has supplied equipment not only in U.S. domestic market but also around the globe since its establishment. As manufacturer's export and international management company with extensive export management experience, we specialize on the supply of the following Explosion Proof equipment for hazardous locations and applications (Product List):
-Class I, Division I or II Air Conditioners:
-Class I, Division II Air Conditioners:
-Class I, Division I & II Compressor
-Class I, Division I & II, Groups A, B, C, D- 6"dia. Tube Axial Fans
-Class I, Division I:
(Air Circulator, Pedestal Fans, Centrifuge Blowers, Duct Axial Fans)
Supply & Exhaust Fans:
Electric Heaters:
Freezers & Refrigerators
Bottle-Type Water Coolers
Bubbler-Type Water Coolers
Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners:
Floor Machine (Polishers)